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Welcome to Crescent Counseling Services
Crescent Counseling manages all counseling services offered through Kids ’N Kamp. Lara Palay, LISW-S is the Clinical Director. If Crescent Counseling cannot meet your needs or if you live too far away from the Crescent Counseling offices, we will make a referral to an affiliate clinician that suites your family.
Lara Palay, LISW-S
"Serving by helping others is deeply meaningful to me, and I am honored to have the opportunity to do the work that I do. My practice is not limited to one particular issue, but I do specialize in working with families dealing with pediatric cancer, and with individuals experiencing other forms of grief and loss. I have treated parents, siblings and childhood cancer survivors themselves for the past 15 years.

For me, the first task of therapy is to create understanding and trust in a safe space. My approach is psychodynamic but eclectic, with an emphasis on attachment, self-awareness and mind-body connection. I integrate mindfulness, meaning and spirituality into much of my work.
I usually work with clients ages 11 and above, but will make exceptions for younger children in special cases. I am also happy to refer younger clients to a child specialist when needed.”
~ Lara Palay
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