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"I first met with Lara during the fall of 2013. It was immediately evident that she had a genuine interest in me, not only as cancer survivor but as a person as well. It is also quite evident that Lara loves what she does.

Lara is not only extremely knowledgeable in her field she is exceptionally sensitive to her clients’ personal situation and the challenges faced by cancer patients and survivors. She is particularly concerned with ensuring the client is never pushed too far into something they don’t want to do. This resulted in my being very comfortable discussing my challenges with her, some of which I had not shared with anyone before.

Lara has made a lasting impression on my life and I know she will do the same for other children and families.”
"It's not just a part of your life. Cancer. It IS your life. It permeates everything you do, how you interact with the world, and the decisions you make. But the problem is, that's not allowed when you're not the patient. So what's allowed? What's ok? How do you navigate the world when you're the parent. The aunt. The niece. Or in my case, the sister?

That's where Lara comes in. She provided me with the map. The tools. The strength to deal with the aftermath of my sister's cancer because, believe me, there's aftermath.

I think in visual metaphors. Sometimes life is like a ball of yarn. Before a session I would feel like there was a tangle, or 10. That messy, knotted up tangle that's beyond repair. Every time I would talk to her, we would untangle a little piece of that knot. One part at a time. Eventually that knot became one long piece of string again.

The most incredible thing is that now, when it inevitably gets knotted up again, I have the tools and knowledge I need to untangle it myself. I didn't just get help navigating my sister’s cancer. I got help navigating life.”
~ a cancer survivor
~ a sibling of a child with cancer
Lara has been and continues to be one of keys to my family surviving a childhood cancer diagnosis. She is able to normalize an event that is anything but normal. Her ability to relate to my patient child, my sibling child and myself has allowed all of us to express feelings that would have otherwise caused us guilt.

Thank you! You are a beacon to us!
~ the mother of a childhood cancer survivor
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